I’d like to take a moment to introduce this blog and my family.  I’m Jennifer, I’m a recent mom to fraternal twin girls.  My fantastic husband, Zach, and I live in Brooklyn with our fraternal twin girls and our three cats.  This blog is a way for us to share some of our experiences and the things we’re learning every day in the process of raising our twins.  I find that people are often interested in the details of having twins, so this is my way to share what we’ve seen.

A little background:

Zach and I met in the 8th grade (well technically we met in the 4th grade, but that was a brief meeting and we only remember snipets of that).  We began dating in October of that school year (a friend asked me out for him at my locker).  Fast forward 19 years, and here we are today!  I’m sure if you told 8th grade Zach and Jennifer what today would look like, we wouldn’t have believed you!  (A lot happened in between then and now, but that’s a story for another day.)  Needless to say, over the years we like to think we’ve grown to really understand each other and work well together.

Both of us will be contributing to the blog, highlighting the differences in our experiences with the girls.

So, welcome, and enjoy!  Feel free to ask questions or request content if you’re interested in something.

(Here we all are out on a walk when a nice woman offered to take our photo!)