They walked me through the entire process after I calibrated my set up with Audyssey." The SVS SB-1000 subwoofer is small enough to conceal in any room, and with its 12-inch front-firing driver and 300 watts RMS, 700+ watts peak power amplifier, energizes a … World class service and great products!" Arrived a day early. (Gain adjustment on 1000D Sledge Amps is labeled "Volume".) CollegeBallDude, "Customer support was exceptional, I had an online chat and no matter what questions I asked they were answered in full to my satisfaction." Jeremy W. "The guys at SVS are absolutely fantastic....customer service is the best around...period...Ed M. gave me advice to getting my system sounding the best that it could." Enhance your home audio system with this SVS subwoofer. Unfortunately their Ultras are now priced out of my budget, and in that price range there are other great Internet Direct options like the JTR Captivator models, Rythmik, and Power Sound Audio; although they don't offer all the perks of SVS. They are service orientated and customer driven." 550 Watts RMS, 1,500+ Watts Peak Power Sledge STA-550D DSP Amplifier/ Front-Firing 12" High-Excursion SVS Driver/ Protective Non-Resonant Steel Mesh Grille/ Breathtaking Output And Deep Bass Extension/ SB-2000 Pro Smartphone App To Manage Subwoofer DSP And Control/ Rear Panel Intelligent Control Interface/ Piano Gloss Black Finish 1 owner Trade in: Pair SVS PC4000 subwoofer. Compact and commanding with astonishing power, the 1000 Series outperform subwoofers twice the price and are well-equipped to serve as … Paul, "Can't praise SVS products, people or service enough! Created with Sketch. "Fantastic Customer Service. The customer service seems to truly want to please their customers." Based in the U.S.A. and available seven-days-a-week via email, chat, phone or social media, our SVS Sound Experts customer service team is quick, professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of home theater and audio. I have three XV15s, Heeman has an XS30, and Zing has dual XS30s. (See green disc in right side of image below. For example; sub-woofer, active subwoofer, ultra-compact active subwoofer, home theatre subwoofer, impact subwoofer, in-ceiling subwoofer, powered subwoofer, outdoor subwoofer, inwall subwoofer, in-ceiling subwoofer… In the small room I'm using the 16Hz mode with room gain compensation. Tom Vodhanel (the V in SVS) and Jim Farina (also from SVS) are the company's co-founders. The deepest, most powerful bassFeaturing a long-throw, 12 inch woofer and dual-port cabinet, the PB-2000 Pro is designed for the deepest, most dynamic bass possible – all the way to a window-rattling 16Hz. SVS 13-Ultra Subwoofers are well engineered products, with a very beefy 13.5" driver (appx 55lbs and a cone that's stitched to the surround), full featured amplifiers with excellent driver protection, from a company with a history of good Customer Support and warranty - even if you're not the original owner. Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by Philly112, Nov 29 ... the grill cloth into the speaker so that the clip attaching the MK logo onto the cloth forced a small hole into the subwoofer rubber surround. I’ve looked around for a bit but I think that this SVS SB-1000 suits me the best since my place is not too large and I want it both for … ), FYI: In late Oct. 2020, I asked Ed Mullen at SVS about the 1200D fit issue with PC13s, as IIRC there may have been a change in port tube location from the early builds of the PC13 (Cylinder) model. "Awesome product and customer service before and after the sale was exemplary!" (Regardless of type, I turn off all my A/V electronics when not in use. And the 750W BASH Amp's thermistor failures I've seen may be affected by usage (left on) or a specific manufacturer's lot/component used. (These were older SVS bash Amps without a lot of flat open areas and a brushed surface.) Set the Subwoofer's "Auto/On" Toggle Switch to the ON (not "Auto") position Power the BASH SVS subwoofer On (A/C power switch) IF any "Thump" is heard from the driver, the Amp may have a failing thermistor. | Inspired by the design philosophy behind the Ultra series, it has been rigorously engineered and exhaustively tested. Gentle reminders via email with specific contact info to reach out to a person --without being obtrusive." icons/cart John, "They were very helpful and very generous with me. I bought this subwoofer new back around 2002. Any product in need of repair must be returned to SVS, with shipping pre-paid. And easily rotated to get at the Amp, unlike the 155lb PB13. No baseplate like the PC13 (which I liked), but I'm glad they kept a Cylinder model in the lineup. Trade are welcome, call or text Johnny 2812505125 PayPal add 3%. BC, "SVS is a terrific company and will gladly give them more money in the future. They answered all my emails in a flash and were patient with all my questions. (BTW: I've had several of these Amps that almost seemed glued in, see below for a tip to remove stuck plate Amps I've used. Minor scratches, no dent or nick. ), I wish I could afford enough quality sealed subs and Amp power for flat response for any content. Nikonnex, "This is my first high-end subwoofer and I'm very happy with my purchase. Extreme depth, power and intensity of a world-class subwoofer, from a super compact 13-inch cabinet. Of course the room, Subwoofer location and listening position are major factors in how any model sounds/performs. They now have a 5 year warranty, 45 day in-home trial, free shipping in CONUS and more - see their customer bill-of-rights for details. These play strong, down to 18hz. (BTW: I've seen many posts from SB13 owners saying they switched because the PB13/PC13 was less "musical". Google Trusted Store Review, "Awesome folks. 2006-11-02 04:06:02 UTC. Scroty Nutsack, "Best CS service, awesome product, honest straight forward advice. The hole is not large (1-2 mm round) but does appear to go through. Created with Sketch. (Despite comments that most movies don't have significant content below 20Hz.) ), I know there are more powerful subs available, but I'm happy with the PC13 Ultra. A benefits package that instills confidence and extends before and after your SVS products arrive. JoseBalaguer. Landy. (To the right in picture is an upside-down PB12/Ultra 2 after a driver reinstall.). This isn't the only possible failure mode/component of course, just one I've seen several times and something to check before things get worse/before buying. Five Year Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for subwoofers and associated components. I also own an SVS PB16 Ultra, and an Earthquake MKV 15 in my living room. The missing piece of the thermistor from the BASH Amp above was found on top of the (downfiring) driver's magnet/motor - luckily it did not fall through the pole vent, which did not have a screen. A Massachusetts Fan, "What amazed me even more than amazing sound quality, was the support I got. After seeing several SVS 750W BASH Amp failures like the above over the years, I'd want to inspect the Amp before buying any older used PC/PB13 Ultra. ), Not sure if EU Amps are different, but I've now seen this problem on 3 (USA/120V) SVS 750W BASH Amps (used with their earlier PB13/PC13 Ultra Subs). Service repair nstallation and exchange Hi- end SVS Speakers and Subwoofer ; Our team of skilled and experienced engineers have hands on expertise when it comes to working on SVS products. I used Ed's (SVS) PEQ tweaks for a bit more mid-bass 'slam', and later fixed a huge mid-bass null by adjusting the Sub distance in the AVR.). Without the need to worry about blocking a port outlet, the sealed cabinet is easy to position. Always go with 2 subwoofers instead of 1. Disconnect power and heed warning labels on Amp.) SVS Pc4000 for sale. Charles, "SVS encourages the buyer to contact staff and management and I found my email to the CEO answered the very next day. All had what appeared to be the same OEM (Green Disc/unmarked) Thermistor failure. TaraQuirin, "The only thing better than my new subwoofer purchase was the customer service I received from SVS! Want to see who made the cut? I had no fit issues with a 1000D Amp in my originally BASH Amp PC13, but it may have been a later production with the Port Tube change. SVS SB12-NSD Subwoofer Review When L-Sound offered me any SVS sub I wanted to try, it's now clear why they were so keen it should be the cheapest, theoretically least capable sub of the SVS bunch. My 750W BASH Amp Component Heights above the Flange Gasket (Right/Left is relative to viewing from front face of the BASH Amp), The Sledge 1000D Amp fit OK in my original BASH Amp PC13 (and it's still working). | A note to our community regarding COVID-19. Our goal is 100% satisfaction, 100% of the time. Mike, "If you want to start a company then SVS should be the model. Shop for svs subwoofer at Best Buy. (BTW: I'm not referring to earlier/older BASH Amps SVS used in other subwoofers before the 750W PB13/PC13 ultras. Others I've seen were intact but had cracks from stress/overheating.). Built to stand the test of time "SVS customer service was amazing, no issues and answered all of my questions and also helped me set up some adjustments once I received it." SVS Customer Bill of Rights. I will be back soon." "I can tell this sub was built by people more concerned about sound quality than making money. Flat response. We will resume regular hours on Saturday (1/2). Quick delivery, product shipped with total care. I’ll explain. ), The PB13 Ultra BASH Amp that failed shortly after sold by original owner (about 2.5yrs old) with "Auto/On" Switch set to ON would "Thump" (very deep/low frequency tone) so forcefully on that test it would rattle items in a small room. 60-Day Guaranteed Price Protection, Now with Automatic Refunds! Stharling, "Not only did I get a great subwoofer, but a friend in the business, like when it was common to talk to someone who knew about quality sound." We’re here to help with everything from shipping questions and product recommendations to complex AV receiver set-up issues. The new dual PB 2000 subs sound amazing.

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