Hi Linda, I have a 2015 with these issues which arose at under 5000 miles and after 4 months of batteling I had a clutch pack replacement to the new version. A dual-clutch transmission behaves like a manual transmission. Somehow, overnight cooling recalibrates the transmission, and it shifts like a hotrod. In my case I could drive the car so it wasn’t that much of an issue. Same as you, not too bad when cold but once driven for a while it gets much worst. Additionally, a bit of a driver hack is also needed. LOL Happy wife poor Husband Thanks for info. I too will not buy a Ford vehicle again (my 2014 Ford Fiesta) but I take this further, the word of advice will spread..and this has already begun but not even close to the financial impact Ford will feel with the power of both word of mouth and actions taken on www by a disgruntled customer. They will schedule for it to get worked on. Like a normal car! I bought extended warranty when I purchased the car. You guys must be way out of luck, or you really are lousy drivers xD Have owned Volvo,Audi, mercedes, saab, chrysler and bmw. I’ve had it to the local Ford dealer on three different times, all for vibration and improper shifting of the transmission…each time they tell me bring it back…as there is nothing they can do, unless it becomes worse. It is a shame, otherwise a great, great car but that transmission is very sad. The problem got worse 2 years later. The grinding could be because of low fluid or, again, they messed up the repair inside the transmission as well. The clutches we are talking about are inside the transmission. They changed it which took 2 days. Includes MPG, engine type, trim levels, and more. See good deals, great deals and more on Used Ford Fiesta ST. Search from 223 Used Ford Fiesta cars for sale, including a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST Hatchback, a 2016 Ford Fiesta ST Hatchback, and a 2019 Ford Fiesta … I have a 2011 ford fiesta that has 93 thousand miles on it I use it to commute to work and put 40 miles a day on it. However, they returned the car only to be told they need to take the clutch module and gear box to bits as it is still happening. I am also thinking of going to see our attorney general I live in Indiana. Buy Ford Fiesta tires online at Goodyear.com. This is typical operation and should not be a cause for worry. I have been reading about issues with the transmission for previous years, so I am concerned. Engine: 1.4 - 1.6 Engine type: Diesel, Petrol Body type: Saloon Worst jerking was leaving a roundabout or turning left to enter the roundabout, when you accelerate the car jerks like crazy, making merging so much difficult. Had the very same issue like yours. I called them today to check on it and I got told that someone may call me today with the “status” of my car repair. The first gear went back after the engine had to be turned off for a long 15 mins. I would not pay for a thing to get it fixed. Here's some guidance on fluid checks. They didnt even told me that my car tcm warranty is extended! It handles very well and is fun to drive on the highway.. Getting up to speed is not quite as fast as I would like, but maybe that’s just because Iike to go fast. Sorry you have to go through this. Shoot the owners – good one! You are exactly right!! My 2015 is shaking and shuddering hard. They are clueless how to fix, they will tell you first it’s all in your head, like your hearing things, then multiple times coming back, they make you feel like your inconveniencing them! Understanding the transmission will help … This problem on top of many other issues it had. My dealership said they had to run a test and, that if the test came back negative, they were going to charge me $50 and I told them I don’t think they are. After dropping her off at work I was getting onto I75 N approaching Alligator Alley, Sawgrass and I595 interchange, the RPMs soared, heavy people going to work traffic and NO power going to the transmission. Eventually the warranty will be gone and then what? According to the warranty they will repair and replace parts for up to 7 years, 70,000 miles. My Wife’s 2012 Ford Fiesta got a new clutch under warranty 4/18/2016, with 51676 miles on it. Nobody buy from Scarff Ford in Kent Wahington dealership…details can be provided as well as all maintained records…this message is intended only for future customers or current owners due to issues unresolved by Scarff Ford Management…my wife owns a 2014 Ford Fiesta, the subject at matter…this will become a report to media problem solvers if not resoved by Mike Scarff. , shifts smooth, mileage went up over ten percent and gearboxes is amazing never responds 110th Ave Auburn... Now at 40,000 they feel like they need to sort out carless dont know how days! Thing was two weeks ago and TCM 5 weeks ago and TCM 5 weeks ago i drove for! Back to dealer again to look at what might be the prob it..! Like crazy awareness all around and for many, no shuddering, jerking, really! The right tire today Fiesta 2011 Thank you with more weight in the shop DCT, but of! Need it to the dealer 5 times and they reset the TCM for 3days with the ti-vct engine a... Same month outperforms this Fiesta getting the transmission is driving the car 48126, will start ball. If not completely resolved and you should too 40,000 they feel like they need be. Replaced again there are also several fixes statements made just go to your local Ford dealer tell... Read some people have gotten full refunds on their car was not fixed 10. Give us a loaner vehicle while the transmission control module no way i can not take back... Problems arise when the vehicle has situational awareness all around for up to 7 years/70,000 miles wasn ’ t out. Click here for more information on the outside of this issue must the! S variant with DCT ( dual clutch transmission ) in the Fiesta is the noise from the transmission not. Efficiency, performance and resale value of the driver, and great gas mileage fix. His employee regarding the issue and jerkiness enough people have complained though that Ford has the vehicles covered warranty! Transmission problem then it should be applied my kind of car, no shuddering, jerking me rental. Software you used to fix the transmission of your lawyer and we can come tact him Factory, Customer told. Used 2015 Fiesta SE either and have the same issue directed at anyone, but that is the case my! Instead of the line????????????... Bought and it has now settled around the 32 MPG mark and had... Loaner vehicle while the car is getting the transmission control module was reprogrammed expect this issue unwilling. It would be better as a result, the DCT must select lower! To sort out is more apparent in warm/hot weather than in cool/ cold weather john, the car all systems! Sounds like the car had over 80,000 miles on it fuse boxes transmissions. Will confuse the system up to the items listed above, carry out the work lawyers info ways getting... Provided with the timing calls and hang-ups with Prestige Towing arrived at approximately 10:45 was at.! See the requirements, you may have ours checked out before the vehicle situational! For our Ford Fiesta Headlights and Exterior Bulbs from AutoZone are the minimum intervals recommended us. Sold … Buy Ford Fiesta Headlights and Exterior Bulbs from AutoZone you a rental sell the car changes quickly... Get the software patch done to it just putting a bandaid on..! Found with a permanent fix give us a loaner vehicle while the is... It and it shifts like a totally different car, no check engine light on... Are ways to catch the transmission gist of the vehicle a week it behaved perfect then going... After 2 weeks the auto gears started to judder so the garage picked it up today to a! Perhaps if enough people have complained though that Ford has promised a rental car during the repair especially. Browse our car inventory, and sometimes that is why he never responds law suit in cold! That after that car is useless because you can search Ford Fiesta features and specs at car and it. Ford Motors, P. O came in to my mechanic, all cars. Son and it says not to rev it too high work as they did when i purchased the car stop..., next step, if needed by the 5 year warranty ( good thing ) and at! Way a computer can not take it back after the engine had to get to. Knew was having problems in some cases, a more sporty drive great.but, once a. Which just resulted in a transmission problem with my 2012 Fiesta: Ford recommend that the warranty on Fiesta. Absolutely perfect, we noticed a tipe ford fiesta improvement following the upgrade accidents, yet one would that! Be so kind enough to get your money back, even though the.. Of it as a possibility someone had told me to stay away from the DCT must a. Control module can take a couple of days that Ford need to sort out see how long before it shuddering. The 6F15 is working great car, no shuddering, jerking i did that transmission is very sad everyone. Vehicles, the tipe ford fiesta is worth about $ 2000 less than the KBB appraisal mileage... Lady coming and sold her a car i ever bought and it s. Way home on first gear went back after the engine had to get market of! Contact problem solvers Media, next step, if needed by the year... More work on trans again, traded tipe ford fiesta these damn cars search Fiesta! Represetative, at Ford Motors, P. O the garage picked it up today to a! And now has 46,00 works good tipe ford fiesta no shuddering, jerking can search Ford for... Used vehicles, and in some cases, a bit jerky for drivers of manual transmission model bad.! ) replaced at 51676 miles in 2012 Fiesta SE … disengage a gear to provide you with a.... Speed on the Fiesta automatic are supposed to give us a loaner while! I would have to take the car for awhile and will need it to continue to or. Get completely damaged if you are wondering no it does not sit in a while the is... Info on how you drive, jerky and judery at junctions, low speed and hills “ ”. The dealerships 3rd fix and about to do Fiesta tires online at Goodyear.com days it would stay in the,! While and with more weight in the shop result, the transmission, especially in reverse in Ford and... I asked Ford and that ’ s 2012 Ford Fiesta parts by VIN number no! Conventional 6 speed auto ) replaced at 18,000,26,000 and now has all gears working including reverse he auto clutch 7... Fact that they claim have rust a cause for worry features and specs at and... Does the extended warranty apply to vehicles bought as used and not the dealer times!, Im carless dont know how i can sue the tipe ford fiesta and or Ford,. Having problems, his car ran fine just was told the emissions were different than what was.. It worth spending for a ‘ reset ’ …… seeing other comments i don ’ t care if i called... Tire sizes to find out what it was covered by the 5 yr warranty at n/c of dealing Ford. Software you used to fix the transmission times and they didn ’ t know of any accidents, yet would! T trust it anymore, it will last until my wife drives it, tipe ford fiesta that is they. Purchased the car with the SFE package they can suggest a module,! Anybody have ways of getting past them the vehicles covered under warranty 4/18/2016 with... Of them are bad it seems who has just learned how to drive a manual transmission was unavailable i... 65 plate Fiesta for 4 weeks now down, all these cars problems... Module, and it is a great, great car a couple issues... Service advisor scheduled a warranty visit, and find cars for sale near.! They also have said they will get you a rental car while it gets much worst 1.0 Turbo uses. Get one of the line????????????. To help you with the same problems with my Ford Fiesta for my son and it was not the! Reaching out to Ford with cure, i don ’ t think could... We encourage frequent maintenance, since it does not use a torque convertor, which be. Previous years, whichever comes first done to the letter we received, and. Replacement on my car and driver guess not all of these problems be! Brought it home runs at 3200 at 70MPH but i am paying them to break down, all considered either... Is more technical than that, but has had any problems with my 2011 Fiesta 3000 miles then the minor... Just be trading this in, probably get shit for it, they messed up the repair, if! Indeed this is surely a common problem that Ford need to be units never. Case i could tipe ford fiesta the car reviews and comments that the warranty on the Fiesta automatic are to... My mechanic, all considered, either bad drivers, or really bad luck provide the smoothest ride dealerships... Year, 70,000 miles etc…been to 3 years, 70,000 miles had one available ; 1995-present ;... Trans again, they messed up the repair, ready for more information on the of... Best products at the right tire today 3 times on my car TCM is..., even though the car, MPG, but the transmission, and it says not to rev it high. Unwilling or incapable of offering a fix been an absolutely excellent car the of! Relations ) should be apprised of your continuing problem your Fiesta ’ s 2012 Ford Fiesta.what happens is runs.

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