On my days with the little ladies, I like to do activities that are fun for everyone. While, I’d love to just binge watch shows from Netflix, this doesn’t really benefit the girls. Plus, we can never agree on a show. I’d rather watch The League or Breaking Bad and the girls prefer Seasame Street. Also, TV during the day is pretty awful–so that’s out entirely. So what can you do to make everyone happy?


  • Play Guitar. Or any instrument really. The kids love it because you are making music for them and they can dance and play along. Meanwhile, you can get better at playing your particular instrument. It’s a win-win. You don’t have to be high-brow about it either. The girls would rather I stumble through an old punk song and make faces at them the whole time, then just put on some Mozart in the background. I think the key here is interacting with them through music. They like to come up and bang on the guitar strings and smack the guitar while I play. They also like to sing along with me even though none of us know all the words.



  • Read to them. I’m not talking about kids books. I will fall asleep myself if I have to read Goodnight Moon, or Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site. Both great books, but I’ll leave those for mom. So what’s good reading then? Well apparently anything, and as soon as they are out. According to the pediatrics group mentioned in this New York Times article, “an important part of brain development occurs within the first three years of a child’s life, and that reading to children enhances vocabulary and other important communication skills.” So, I might as well read them something that is good for them and fun for me. Maybe The Lord of the Rings, or the Hobbit. Early on you can probably go even more adult and read them Game of Thrones. Once they get a little older and start talking and understanding more, there are still entertaining books for everyone. I think the Harry Potter books might be a good option soon. The real worry, is if I should let them discover those on their own.
  • Draw. This one is my favorite. Since the girls were six months old, I’ve been having them draw me a picture once a month on their monthly b-day. I like to lay out a nice clean sheet of 19″x24″ bristol board, set them down in front of some non-toxic and washable markers or crayons and let their creativity flow. Early on my main duty was keeping them from eating their drawing supplies. Soon, I’m hoping I can watch some recognizable shapes begin to appear. I’ll be able to capture and record their progress as little budding artists in one month snapshots. We then hang up the drawings in the hallway. I feel proud every time I walk by those little masterpieces.