My babysitter recently recommended the Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker to me, her other family of twins uses this and she loves it.  After researching on amazon, we decided to get a similar product: the NUK Cook-n-Blend Baby Food Maker.  I chose the NUK because of its cheaper price, and larger capacity.  It is awesome!!! We’ve been trying to make new, different foods for the girls each week, so far some have been hits, and some misses, but I love that I can make them fresh, usually organic, and healthy meals so easily.  Being able to use one machine to cook and then blend is so awesome.  I also make 2 things in a row, so I make one, rinse out the machine, and make a second to minimize dish washing. 🙂

The Cook-n-Blend comes with a few recipes, but not many.  It also advertises an app, which I thought would have specifics relating to that, but it’s just an app with baby food recipes so that’s not super helpful either, frankly.  I’ll be posting some of my favorite recipes, and how I made specifically with my NUK Cook-n-Blend, although all of these could easily be modified to be made in other ways.

Here’s our Cook-n-Blend ready to cook up some delicious banana, blueberries, and cherries for a fruity snack!


Here are some helpful tips I discovered for using the Cook-n-Blend.

There are 3 water levels. These equate to 1/3 cup for each so:

1= 1/3 cup

2= 2/3 cup

3= 1 cup.

This is much easier to pour in pre-measured than trying to read from the side of the machine.

These also equate to amount of time steaming.  So here are my general rules.

1= I only use this if I am going to combine with another food later than needs a little less steaming

2= 14 minutes.  For softer fruits and veggies. (bananas, blueberries, etc.)

3= 17 minutes. For harder fruits and veggies. (sweet potato, carrots, etc.)

Sometimes you need to pour out a little of the steaming water before blending if you cook on 2 or 3, because your food will be really runny.  We’re moving towards chunkier meals now, so we like to remove some of the water.