When we first had the babies, it was fall.  After I was mobile enough to get out and about Zach and I only took the girls out together.  We loved to take them on short walks in Moby Wraps, and then Baby Bjorns when they were a little bigger.  We’d also take the stroller if we were going a little further, but no matter what, we went out together.


It was an extremely cold and snowy winter here, so while we went out as much as we could, it was sometimes just too cold.  But still, it was always as a team.  Here’s a photo of the babies all bundled up in what we call their “bear suits” to brave the cold.


Right about the time my maternity leave was up, we had a pediatrician visit scheduled, and Zach realized he had a work related conflict that he couldn’t reschedule.  We realized that morning that I had never been out by myself! (We’d gone as a team to friends houses, on errands, even to Virginia, but never by myself.)  Well great.  What a time to test that out, when I needed to be somewhere at a specific time. But sometimes it takes something like that to push you, for you to realize that you can do it.  I set up the stroller, got the babies bundled up, in carseats, hooked into the stroller, and pushed them through the snowy (but shoveled) sidewalks to the doctor office.  I got them unbundled and undressed for their appointment, held them when they cried after shots, dressed and bundled back up, and back home.  All by myself.  And it was fine.  It was tricky at times, but I did it.

(Here is C at the doctor waiting her turn patiently.)


Then I realized it was silly for me to not go out with them by myself all the time.  Getting out of the house is such a help with babies, it really helps break up the day to get some fresh air, let them relax in the stroller, and see people that aren’t just your babies. This was the first step in me realizing that even though something seems difficult with twins, it probably will be more difficult than not doing it, but not impossible. And it will get easier each time.  I can do it, and I’m usually glad that I did.