When we found out we were having twins, one of our first thoughts was “we’ll have to move!” Fortunately, after we calmed down, we realized that perhaps we’d be able to make it work.

I recently read a discussion on my twin forum about moving, and the overwhelming advice to an expecting mother was to move before the twins come, that it is so hard to move afterwards.  We’ll see how I feel when we finally do outgrow our apartment, but for now we’re holding strong with our one bedroom thanks to some creative organizing.

The first step is the crib(s).


When the babies were first born, we had one crib.  They rarely slept in it for the first month, preferring to sleep in someone’s arms.  We paired the crib with the changing pad on top of the dresser in the bedroom.  (Don’t worry, we moved the dangerous metal panels away from the crib before the babies were born!)  The toys also came out of the crib, they’re just there for the photo.

The one crib plan didn’t last for long.  The girls began to spin like the hands of a clock at night, their heads working like magnets, and always running right into each other.  Within about 2-3 months, we added a travel crib into the mix, and everyone was sleeping much better.

I soon after added a second matching crib into the bedroom, though that took much longer than expected as I was frequently thwarted by stock issues at our local Ikea.  Apparently aligning their stock and my availability to go get a crib, was a more difficult task than expected! But finally, persistence paid off and we were able to order one online! Hooray!

We rearranged the furniture again and to our surprise, we were able to fit both cribs, the dresser, both bedside tables, our bed, AND our rocking chair! And it felt roomier somehow!


This is our current arrangement, the next task is a new rug.  The girls love the cribs side by side, and watching them play together where the cribs meet is hilarious!  And the twin talk ensues… 🙂