There were cars with handmade signs and some with kids hanging out of windows and sunroofs. Here's how to plan a kids' birthday party with creative solutions, even amid social distancing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. How to Throw a Fun Kids Birthday Party While in Coronavirus Quarantine Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many treasured events have been canceled to mitigate risks. The COVID-19 virus is primarily spread from person to person among those in close contact, within about 6 feet (2 meters). The new coronavirus and the social distancing that comes with COVID-19 may have canceled kids' birthday parties, but these families still made things special. 9. Creative ways to celebrate a kid's birthday during coronavirus. The virus spreads through respiratory droplets released into the air when talking, coughing, speaking, breathing or sneezing. These quarantine ideas and fun activities for kids stuck at home will help you all avoid cabin fever. Check around to … Celebrating your birthday during the coronavirus can seem logically impossible. Throwing a party is a no-go while practicing social distancing, self-isolation or … Hide a few small birthday gifts and make clues that will direct your birthday kid right toward 'em. With thoughtful planning and a little creativity, however, you can still bring the birthday magic to a loved one’s special day during the COVID-19 crisis. A 10-year-old “Miss America” even made an appearance! Here are ideas from some other Long Island families: ... Iavarone also reached out to a company that does videos for kids … by Tabbi Burwell . Stay at a Hotel in a Remote Place. Related: 125 Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained During the Coronavirus Crisis. Social distance at a hotel. Gavin Torre had a surprise quarantine parade to celebrate his 13th birthday at his home in Jupiter on Thursday, March 26, during the COVID-19 … 8. Here are 125 fun things to do during coronavirus quarantine with your family. Celebrating your birthday child during COVID-19. Kids will love seeking out tiny treasures around the house!

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