Here we are with our first family photo!  Notice how freaked out / excited we were! 🙂


So apparently twins run in my family.  It turns out that my grandmother (my Dad’s mom) actually had twin girls before my Dad and his brothers, but they were premature and it was England in the 50’s, so they sadly didn’t make it.  This is information that I found out AFTER telling my parents and sister that we were having twins.

Let’s rewind a little bit.  I had a sneaking suspicion that I was pregnant very early.  We were trying to have a baby, and so I was anxiously awaiting the time when I could take a pregnancy test.  We were so excited to see the word “Pregnant” on the test!

I made an appointment at 8 weeks with my ob/gyn for an ultrasound and exam.  Our appointment was early in the morning, and the doctor office was within walking distance of my office, which was very convenient.  I had chosen that by design so that it would be easy when I started visiting the doctor more frequently.  Friends had also recommended this doctor, and I had been with the practice for a while.  I liked that they had a very natural approach to childbirth, with midwives on staff, etc.

We anxiously went to our appointment and into the ultrasound room to start off with.  We were so excited to hear that heartbeat for the first time.  People often say that they cry the first time that they hear their child’s heartbeat, and I wondered if I would.  Zach stood by me, at my head and the ultrasound technician started the exam.  It took a little bit, but I was nervous because I just kept thinking that I had imagined the whole pregnancy.  I couldn’t wait to hear the official confirmation that we were going to be parents.  The ultrasound tech turned the monitor to face us, and asked “what do you see?”.  Well, frankly I had no idea what I was supposed to be seeing.  Doctor office ultrasounds are not the most crisp picture, and it just looked like a bunch of grey and black (which was my answer.)  “It’s twins!” she says!


Holy crap! Zach always joked that we were going to have twins, but I never thought in a million years that we would.  He grinned at me.  I swatted at his arm.  “Dammit Zach!”  as if this is somehow his fault (I later learn that it is most definitely my multiple eggs that brought us the wonder of our twins.)

We heard the two heartbeats. It was amazing.  Although I’m mostly still just sitting there with my mouth wide open.  Twins.  That wasn’t the plan! How are we going to take care of two babies at once?  How am I going to fit two babies inside of me? So many questions are running through my head.

We wrapped up with the ultrasound, and the technician turned to us and said “Okay, so you’ll meet with the doctor and figure out what you’re going to do.”  Ummmm…. what!?!?

We soon found out that our conveniently located, natural childbirth promoting doctor doesn’t deliver twins. (Which is what she meant by figure out what you’re going to do, which probably wasn’t the best way to phrase that!) So, now we have to find a new doctor.  And figure everything else out for that matter. But it’s about 9:30 am on a weekday, so I had to go back to work.  (It didn’t turn out to be the most productive day, needless to say). 🙂  But we were on our way to our family of four! It seemed unreal that I could have TWO babies growing inside of me, and no one except us knew!