At 13 weeks, we were excited to tell all of our friends that our family was about to double!

Here’s the email announcement that we sent (to pretty much everyone we’ve ever known.)  It’s funny to look back at this, how little we knew at this point of what was going to be coming!

We’re so excited to share our news with you, I am pregnant & we’re expecting twins!  

I’ll be 13 weeks on Wednesday, and the twins are scheduled to arrive on or before October 16.  (That’s 38 weeks for those of you who did the math and are wondering, full gestation for twins is 38 weeks instead of the standard 40.)  They’re fraternal twins- so we have lots of options of combinations!
Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:
Q: Do twins run in your family?
A: (Jennifer) my dad’s mom had twins (I didn’t know this before), but that’s it!  
Q: Holy crap, are you going to move?
A:  Not for a while at least, they won’t take up too much space for the first year or so
Q: Can we come help after they’re born?
A: Absolutely! 🙂  We’ll accept all people who can change diapers, and I’m pretty sure we’ll also train you if you don’t know how to do that.  
Q: Where are they going to fit? 
A: I have no idea.  I have been told that it will all work, but I have a feeling I”m going to be HUGE!