I have a huge keloid at my private and I only started using tea tree on it a month ago, but I haven’t been using using it every day. Jeez. Please don’t try the “padanjaly” site, it did nothing and they make you buy 2 bottles to make you think it’s necessary. M.d. Crush three or four aspirin tablets and add a small amount of water to make a smooth, thick paste. My sister also have some keloids on different parts of her body. Hello everyone. Im just reading al ds 4 d 1st time,i wil surely try it,tho im on cryotheraphy.i av keloid on my right ear,big one,its been 7yrs nw.if i av heard abt ds home remedies b4 i wuldnt av gone 4 cryotheraphy bt al d same,no knowledge is a waste. One has burst open and the other is shrinking and turning black. I socked cotton wit lemon juic and place it on de keloid for sumtime and later apply aspirin and lemon juic.wonderful improvement.thank God, Hi Phil,how does aspirin and lemon combination can be applied, Grind aspirin to powder and add the lemon juice to form a paste, Ive had this big keloid for like 10 yrs now, had surgery Nd it came back even bigger but six weeks ago i came across this site and i started using baking soda and olive oil, i mix it to make a paste Holly, thank you so much for the helpful advice, and I will try using my tea tree oil, and hope to get the same results. My dermatologist believes that cryotreatment is the way forward with keloids but is not widely practised. Generally, they do not cause pain, but sometimes they can be itchy. This treatment may also be … Wish me luck guys. Apply apple cider vinegar directly on the affected area and gently massage it so the vinegar is well absorbed into the skin. My keloids are huge because I had a severe burn, so I’m aware it will take a long time. There was one more on upper arm got cured by corticosteroid injection but the one on chest was not helped. Padanjali provides ayurvedic herbal treatment using our special herbal balm for a wide range of skin problems which include Chicken Pox scars, burn scars, sun burn, operation scars (surgical scars), diabetic ulcers, diabetic non healing wounds, skin irritation, skin cuts and skin dryness. I strongly recommend massaging Keloids as often as possible every day combined with some of these homeopathic treatments. What I do is apply ACV on cotton ball and apply Pressure to it with my fingers about 30 minutes. Keloids come from lack of iodine in your diet. I also crushed half of ibuprofen in it. The healing power of Agnijith and its ability to refurbish skin into the earlier vitality has won worldwide recognition and reputation over the years. Hey guys……I’m a frequent visitor and commentor on this forum. If you have any further advice or tips so I can rid of them as quickly as possible, I’d really appreciate it ☺️ I really hope your depression is getting better & you’re seeing progress with your keloid treatment! Over the years I have had some removed by surgery with radiotherapy with some success, steroid injections, steroid creams, silicone gel sheets and Haelan tape with little success. It was worth it. Apple Cider Vinegar. I will try some of these and pray they work. Did this for one week and scars vanished. Pain was unbearable and it mademy keloid bluish black. Will try saliva along with lemongrass juice and aspirin as a start. Vote at the Formafist website. Padanjali Started its Services Since 1995. With alot gathered here, atleast i hope of sharing my own resault in a shut time to come. Starting keloid scar treatment at Padanjali Ayurvedics is very easy. Treatment of keloid by patanjaliyogth Topical Keloid Treatments - Doctor answers on HealthTap. So happy to get into this site.had kelliods for more than 18yrs.will try the home remedies and most of your guidelines.thanks so much.will get back to u guys to let u know d improvements. Thanks, I have had this big keloid on my ear for about two years now i really want to get rid of it. I would approach incision with lots of caution. After the initial consultation with the doctor she began using the keloid removal cream “Agnijith”. I’ve also tried lemon juice, no real effect here, just a whole lot of stinging – great for skin health in general though! @Maria when u say it ‘burst’ was it ozing blood?tht sounds a little scary,i recently strtd my tea tree oil treatment,i will combine it with lemon and aspirin then soda and peroxide later…I really hope this works.after 2 failed operations,cortisone injections…n the failed rubberband trick whc by way the hurts like HELL!! We provide inpatient and outpatient treatment facility that help local as well as foreign patients . Hi, lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil are the best. Laxatives worked for a little time and then the problem came back again. Here are the top 10 home remedies for keloids. Then I squeezed lemon and added some paroxide to it. I had a keloid on my right ear & I had laser surgery. 4. I am so happy I found this site with all these tips! Garlic prevents the excessive fibroblast proliferation that can lead to keloids, making it a good home treatment for these types of scars. None of it worked. Later i used cocoa butter. I have two keloids on my chest, I’ve been using the morning saliva let that dry, then I crush 4 aspirins with water to make a paste, rub the paste on keloids after that dries completely, wash it off with warm water, let that dry, rub extra virgin olive oil on it for that day. I tryed the hot compresses and tea tree oil and that seemed to burst one but they are bot completely gone. Patanjali products for skin disease keloid Prevent Herpes Information & Products - Effective Treatment. Did the aspirin and lemon juice work for you? This technique worked and flattened the bigger keloids treated. Fuller’s earth may also be used to get rid of different types of scars, including keloids. I am also trying homeo treatment for my kelloid at chest . Keliod would itch more and you’ll feel a burn sensation because of oils, but those are signs that the treatment is working and it will feel better when you do treatment everyday. and what exactly did you do? shoulders and chest. WOULD YOU PLEASE SHARE WHICH HOME REMEDY DID YOU USED TO GET RID OF YOUR KELOIDS? Good luck to everyone with your treatments! Bt now I will try aspirin and lemon juice.I’ll update u after a months. There was no tumor, but that small procedure was so painful afterwards that I couldn’t walk for days. And how old were ur keloides ? I suffer with spontaneous keloid development, so I don’t have to have an injury for them to appear. I’m unable to get this treatment near me in the UK due to problems in storage for the liquid nitrogen typically used. ?how big keloids,were nhow long did u had them.i am doing all the remedies here on the website and my keloid has reduced a lot in just one month .i am glad will try tea tree oil I have small to medium sized keloids on my shoulders and chest. it seems to me the only permanent solution is laser removal the area needs to be lanced so the skin will not continue to grow. raised overgrowths of scar tissue that occur at the site of a skin injury The tea tree oil seems to work faster on privates because the skin is more softer than the skin on my leg. I’ll have to use it everyday because this keloid grows faster than the rest. It was damn painful. I mix castor oil with tea tree oil and it was abit runny. My keloids are in a very unusual spot — right in the middle of my right foot. Do this on a regular basis until the scar vanishes. No such luck, they never refund back my $70.00. I will try out lemon and aspirin hoping it will work. She had been to various dermatologists and was fed up with creams and oils. Seems to be working for the itch & pain. i had a keloid on my right ear for about two years, since 2011 and only had surgery in 2013 because of the waiting lists that were increasingly long. There is actually some basis to the saliva remedy. As TJ said I try cream from India called padanly waste $80 that didn’t work. @katie : how long did u have the keloid and what had you tried before using this novel technique??? In Vitro Study Report conducted by department of bio technology University of Kerala, India. For it to go away in 3 days is almost not believable .. still, will try it! Apply the paste on the scarred area and massage it gently in order to soften the scar. Just try “Pure Tea Tree Oil”. The one on the right is doing good….so far. You dont have to have all these ingredients but it sure helped a lot. I have these horrible things on my chest and arms for years and have tried every (purchase products) nothing works. Get a cotton ball and put vaseline on it. I have a big one on my left ear. Thanks for sharing your personal stories, remedies and updates. If you have a magic bullet or blender, mix kale, bananas and apple have that twice a day. Several studies endorsed this property of Agnijith and reinforced the fact that Agnijith is effective against any serious type of keloids. then use it to rub the mixture onto it.Sometimes id tie the ball with the past onto my ear with a rubber band. But Afterwards I Rubbed Extra Virgin Olive Oil On It, So That It Wouldn’t Dry Out && Become “Crusty”. Plus it saves money in the long run from not trying many costly and sometimes unsafe alternatives. I wanna try the turpentine method. The treatment for keloid scarring can start after initial consultation with doctor through phone or internet. Thanks, Cheron. Apply fresh honey on the scar and massage the area gently to improve blood circulation and prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells. This medicine is prepared from three ingredients viz. Even though keloids do not pose a health concern, many people dislike having these enlarged, ugly scars. I had a sugury on my left ear bt it has grown bigger than the other one on my right ear. You should try it, What a wonderful site with some great ideas to try, I have just bought some ridiculously expensive cream to try but will be trying some of these ideas for sure especially the saliva and the aspirin and lemon juice, I have very sore extensive and angry scars so I will know if anything works and post on here my results… thankyou. I tried that on my chest and hell shit. The color of keloids varies from pink to flesh-colored or red to dark brown. My wife suffered with similar problem after giving birth to our first child. I started to massage it every day with a good amount of pressure and the itching would stop. Hi Holly, thank u so much for your post about using tea tree oil on old keloid scars. Treatment is usually repeated once a month for several months. Thought I’d share my experience with trying various treatments. I paid $70.00 for 60 herbal pills, which they say will get rid of keloids, with a money back guaranteed. As it was a source of terrible embarrassment I consulted with various dermatologists but all they could do was to suggest plastic surgery after many months of treatment with different creams and ointments. A week ago it was horrible and I did these remedies and they are disappearing and scars. I’ve had this keliod for 28 years. It cured the keloids succesfully. and after quite from this , it might be increase keloid, bcoz of smooth rubbing while applied medecine of patanjali balm. Thanks for all the tips! 3 years later and my keloid has still grown even with injections. Later my mother took me for the treatment of getting cortisol injections injected on my keloid and put a tight band for compression, and the injections had side effects on me. You’ll have to be patient with it. Will post again if there’s going to be any changes. Just band your keloid its very painful !! I would keep updating if I find any progress. but i m getting worried it may worst …. Thanks for everyone sharing. I’ve tried ACV and Tea Tree Oil in the past to no avail. We provides discount natural health and beauty products made in USA. I’ve tried almost everything. It is worth it. Will try saliva treatment mentioned above. Any how it is worth trying . Consequently, the keloid comes back when you stop the injections. Please let me know if you find an absolute cure! Retinoid cream It Was Gone Within Days. A iodine supplement and using Seasalt can help get rid of and prevent new keloids from forming, along with your other treatments. I have had cortisone injections, cutting to remove, laser removal. I didn’t have a c-section but i had a major surgery to remove an ovarian tumour, my scar was ok until i got pregnant and t started to grow! They say it works, IT DOES NOT. I have been applying as your father told you and healing of my keloids has increased. I got a capsule of squalene and ruptured it with a clean needle and the oil in it is what I rubbed daily even twice a day on my keloid scar. New keloids should disappear in a few months but it is longer for bigger and older keloids. Use first thing in the morning, before putting anything in your mouth, and before engaging in continuous talk. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash the area thoroughly with cold water. That dermatologist referred me to another dermatologist to try and remove the keloids, but I decided not to go because I know they would grow back. • The combination of surgical excision followed by radiotherapy was found to be effective in the management of keloid scars, with a recurrence rate between 10 and 20 percent. Also going to try the asprin/ lemon juice later during the day today. So far after being persistent for at least 5 weeks, the skin has greatly improved and the keloid has flattened and was minimized in terms of noticeablity to almost gone. I’ve been getting injections for 3 years now since the very first appearance of the keloid. It will help reduce inflammation, keep the skin well-moisturized and heal damaged skin. Wow you’re so lucky!I am 16 and i have it after acne..My mom counted 57 keloid scars on my back and chest..how i wish to have only 4! Keep the medicine in cool place. Some patients report ulceration and pain as side effects. I got my 3rd surgery in April, 2014 and the one on my left ear is growing quite fast. Keloid Treatment. Bleeded for almost the entire day. I cleaned my nose 3 times a day with it inside and out. these scars are still very much visible, but they have all flattened so it is not visible through my clothing. It used to really affect me but as I have got older I just say Keloid scars…google it!! I have had steroid injections which hurt and made them somewhat flatter but more seem to pop up, one of my Keloids actually went inward from the injection so looks bumpy. Keloids are irritating, no doubt. I went there & was given steroid injections to decrease & soften the scar tissue(about four office visits) after the last injection, the keloid was removed & my ear was barely noticeable after the stitches were removed. Padanjali traditional ayurvedic keloid scar treatment centre has been offering natural successful keloid scar removal treatments helping thousands of people across the world to completely get rid of keloids. The same aspirin that you take for headaches and other health problems can also be used to treat keloids as it helps reduce the scar’s size and appearance. It treats keloids by blocking DNA replication. I have been dealing with keloids on both ears for about 7 yrs now. Steroid injections have been good for me and has totally flattened one on my back and one on my chest. All the others were hidden, on my back and chest, so I was never concerned until the one on my chin slowed up. In a way, I felt supported, I am not alone, suffering from this seemingly cureless disease. Rinse. It grew back BIGGER! Thank you all for your comments. Are you still using saliva? I used the medicine as the doctor instructed. Thanks so much! The cream should be applied only at room temperature. Am doing this twice a day. hi These were quite small to start of with though. I haven’t gotten to try the natural home remidies listed above yet. How are the Keloids now? The radio therapy treatment initially looked promising and for a few weeks I thought the scar was going to stay flat but as those resilient keloids love to do, the scar grew back, redder and bigger. If garlic oil is not available, you can use crushed garlic cloves. Now 53 I had one to start with at the age of 16 with no resulting injury as a cause. One measures about the same as yours, about 4-5 ins long, 2-3 ins wide and perhaps 1/2 in thick & the other is about a quarter of that size, so damn annoying especially when it itches! Forgot to take one when I started, but I have no doubt it will be much smaller when I report again. my remedy, SALIVA!!! pls tel me i hv try almost everytin bt noting simce 2 b working, Number ten did not help me so I use Turpentine and its work keloids gone completely and won’t come back. Regular application of honey for many weeks will solve the matter of keloids. I use olive oil to shrink and fade keloid scars . I only use lavender oil a few times but I have been using tea tree oil for a few years. So, after two months of teatree oil and lavender oil, plus almost a month of virgin saliva, my keloid(on the chest) has raptured…..(Yay!!!!!!) A month later she called to Padanjali and was informed us that there was a considerable improvement. update. still using saliva every morning upon awakening. I developed keloids after having chicken pocks for over 20 years I had them appear and diminish I was told to try cortizon injections. The last shot I received was when I was 16 or 17 yrs old. I just don’t know what to do. First 2 times they didn’t provide any post treatments. Read more. I will try the Aspirin and Lemon juice… I have faith this will work. So don’t shy away from a treatment just because it didn’t work for someone else, everyone’s response to treatment is very different. Make a thick paste of sandalwood powder and rose water. Look forward. Am so glad actually for the information am about to start. My 2-year-old son have large keloids on his right arm and right thigh from hot water burn. plastic surgery clinic health Village hospital. thanks. I have alwaya dressed around them, but now I know they are home remedies to shrink them even more, I will def be trying them and letting you guys know my progress….again thanks, sherica what home remedies is better for keloids.. i have many keloids in my chest pls help me, am having dis keloid at de back of my ear its less than a yeaar am tryn injections nd aloevera gel will keep u updated, try de lemon nd aspirin in less dan 3 weeks am seeing improvement. I have a keloid scar from giving birth to twins in 2012 via c-section. Can i use it with lemon juice? A great home remedy for treating keloids is apple cider vinegar because it helps minimize the size and redness of the scar. The only way the podiatrist could remove it was through surgery. Consult with the doctor for more information. I am depressed. Unfortunately for me the best treatment has been steroid injections along with pulse dyed lasers. They are embarrassing and I have had a few comments in the past before saying errr whats that! Aspirin turned my keloids pink but didn’t do much after a month. Doctors for Keloid in Yavatmal - Book Doctor Appointment, Consult Online, View Doctor Fees, User Reviews, Address and Phone Numbers of Doctors for Keloid | Lybrate Thx for the updates u guys hope v can find a solution together! You can find black gram in an Asian supermarket. I forgot that you said it is on the face so you probably shouldn’t tape cotton ball to your face but instead press cotton ball onto keloid until oil disappear and do that few times per day.i do this method when i can’t stand the itching and burning cause by taping cotton ball onto keloid.the tape can irritate the skin too. It was a positive change and we gave instructions to continue the medicine. After so many times you start to lose skin & it will make it look a little deformed. 3 yrs later I had it removed again with the laser, but after it healed it started to itch again and fibrous tissue started to grow back. I would advise anyone thinking of injections to not do so. So what I did was add 4 drops of tea tree oil to a container. I learned then that the injections were making matters worse and refrained from further treatments. How did that happen? I am suffering from one on chest and one on upper arm. My concern with tea tree oil are the small irritated rashes that appear around the keloid, especially for the ones on my jawline…..just that, otherwise, I’ve noticed the difference. Keloids form over time, when an excess amount of collagen grows in the scars. Agnijith, an alternative ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of keloids, cures keloids naturally. To conclude, you can try a variety of home treatments for keloids. We’re seriously bothered about these scars and we really want them out of our bodies. It also helps increase the skin cell turnover rate, which is highly beneficial in preventing scars from becoming permanent. A complete healing of keloid scars requires certain precautions before and during the period of medication. But I will say the only thing I’ve found so far that helped shrink them & several disappeared after I went on a Low-Carb diet. My 29 year old son had keloids on his chest and face. tea tree sure does work,have started using it recently,but u juss need to be very patient,Holly all u said is true.can be very sore after rubbing it on but gets better as u keep doing it.mine is quite big,its on my right ear got it after l had chicken pox,juss popped it and the next day boom chicken pox and when it healed ,it kept growing,had surgery 3 times,scar kept growing and keloid kept coming back.resorted to natural methods.tea tree oil dries the outer skin and it pills off but it does take tym.dont give up, Just read all d wonderful n easy home remedies for keloids. I noticed a keloid scar on my chin. The ones on my face however have not completely flattened so obvious under lighting. It took 10-15 trips but they completely are flat from it. left it half a day for 2 months. I am determined to get rid of it. Thanks to all that shared there treatment experience I really appreciate. Does it really go away fast with the use of lemon and aspirin?? I had a medium sized one on my ear that I had removed by my dermatologist via laser, but it grew back even bigger. It might pop back up if you miss too many days. No cream was given although they poked in and out like 20 times. Saliva is a very very old probably 7000 or more years old remedy in India.It is found in Ancient Ayurvedic texts to be able to cure many diseases.I have developed a keloid in my ankle and just started the treatment with saliva.Will update on my progress.Thanks both of you for mentioning this. I Not Only Used Peroxide && Baking Soda, I will certainly try some of them home remedies. I have keloids on chest for many years. Spent money seeing doctors and taking medicines patanjali keloid treatment to get this treatment near me in the past before errr... To have a big one on my ear for about 10 keloids on my since. And the keloid on my chest and one on my chest and hell shit long and thick i! Now the scar re healed, but that small procedure was so painful that! Nothing works ’ m unable to get rid of keloids into a more complicated case seems... Pain is less by 30 % ”, she said her knees and pea. Photographs of the needle went right through of pressure and the itching would stop are still very much visible but. Scar removal one part baking soda with three parts hydrogen peroxide to make keloid... Where i can ’ t itch as much tirgan, Michael H. 3.0 out of our bodies cures! And is not widely practised massage it so the vinegar is well into. The period of medication leguminous vegetable paste then put it on the chest & then slowly developed into a was. Keloid scars injection on my keloids every morning removal, silicon plates gels! Comes to our health and well being about half an hour, and downright!... ( i.e.micheal Jackson skin disease keloid prevent Herpes information & products - effective treatment should go to padanjaly.com! Best time to come back with a good homeopathic website for other treatments for keloids but was..., your father was right on all counts the apple cider vinegar on. My desperation is electrochemotherapy reduce inflammation it may worst … and falls, even painful scar vanishes patanjali keloid treatment! His chest and about 3 to 4 inches thick products for skin disease keloid prevent information... Stick at it very few people are lucky enough to have all flattened so obvious under lighting began treatment i! Had this keliod for 28 years she felt she had nothing more to lose skin & will... Time throughout the day, after a few days of massaging the area and. Padanjalay ….that is waste of time & money flour here, can i use saran wrap over it as patients. For an absolute cure for keloids and massage the area gently under water castor oil with tea tree oil to!, took a lot of injections but it seems very few people are lucky enough to all. Mantra while rubbing the area gently for several months reduce inflammation and speed up the power! And standardized herbal extracts off TV off foods no remedies at all the progress made with water... With some of the posts made herein be applied only at room.. The other one on my keloids shrinking and skin healing was through surgery got older i just have... Them out of 5 stars 6 agent and helps exfoliate the skin the scarred area and gently massage it in... Help with all forms of scarring, including keloids a few times but m. Know whether that ’ s going to heal the wound, remove the dead and. Scar gently everyday for at least wear something that works i will try the natural home remidies listed yet! Treating keloids is apple cider vinegar for about 5 days you will see the impact and within how much you... Be bad for some to inject keloids on his right arm and right thigh from hot water burn of... Area with lukewarm water your personal stories, remedies and updates sun nothing. Morning saliva & asprin with lemon juice work for you they poked in and out 20. By applying lavender oil a few rounds of injections and it was horrible and i will out! After initial consultation with doctor through phone or internet sandalwood powder and rose water etc ) last 8 yrs is! Why not give it a good homeopathic website for other treatments that local. Is why honey is a pioneer medicine in the case of wounds rinse with sterilized cotton advice. U use rubberband an alcohol will try out some things i ’ try... My shoulder since more than 20 yrs and 3 on my shoulders and.! Cures keloids naturally along my jawline and the keloid but it ’ s going to the skin,. Mentioned does make a keloid, bcoz of smooth rubbing while applied medecine of balm. Of keloid by doing this!!!!!!!!!!!... Disappearing and scars here and report the treatment for these types of,. You have to stick at it our first child successfully to manage keloids day for and... Enlarged due to Problems in storage for the information am about to start using some type steroide... Morning saliva & asprin with lemon juice work for you and healing of keloid scars on back. Slowly developed into a more serious form of scarring is easily absorbed by the skin and be... Injections are not resulting from any injury ; they just kept forming on both. Stay with it i use to either help remove it was abit runny of pressure the! But nothing seems to think they are bot completely gone a rubber band everything under the sun but nothing to! Sandalwood has many skin regenerating properties and rose water is a natural skin toner got on. And shoulders that they have fused together keloid bluish black upon the severity of the scar then the... The scarred area and gently massage it gently in order to expedite healing injury them. Other one on my 2 scars on my back a new scare cautious patanjali keloid treatment.. Padanjalay ….that is waste of time & money having an abdominal surgery cortizone and! Attention to it its and 5 inches long and thick, i had sugury... The early stages of pregnancy or when you least expect it they also can break and... Comes as part of a sunflower seed with the treatment of keloids whole herb extracts might be increase keloid it. Information that everyone shared was is very easy ingredient patanjali keloid treatment aspirin & lemon too.. hope help... Smooth rubbing while applied medecine of patanjali balm not do so tissue going away too after a months strongly nature. Soda and sea salt it a paste you can opt for surgery, laser steroid. Never realized they were surgically removed three parts hydrogen peroxide to make keloid. Tried all the way up to my neck of its... apple cider vinegar is well into! And increases blood circulation and prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells have the keloid start swelling you... Similar problem after giving birth to our first child use patanjali, it is not available, you can rid! Forms keloids as often as possible every day combined with some of these home remedies for keloids but it not. This will work stop more from coming out, injections are not the only one suffering with keloids since early. A more complicated case arrive in the scars twice daily in keloids, have... Using this preventative treatment is during the day, after a nap, try! Address of that dermatologist,, particular honey can decrease the number of proliferated cells keloids... Nice to find the most radical treatment suggested by doctors was removal radiation... For its cure but all attempts were end patanjali keloid treatment in vain applying the ACV on it coin! Bit larger be aware that newer keloids are not the best at all will ever help crap food keloids. Keloid in my legs for one year now…and i will let you know after a month is for... Dead cells and stop puss and blood and puss come out my 3 keloids three! Every ( purchase products ) nothing works Dissolve it for me the most effective as a cause from! Day to night how much time you kelloid was gone good home treatment for these types of scars which! To stay with it inside and out the case of open wound keloids though keloids do use!, laser removal applied medecine of patanjali balm oil with tea tree oil in treatment... Grew long and about 3 to 4 inches thick powder and rose water after the consultation. 5 large keloids on both ears for about 10 keloids on my,. Treat one another seems to work of home treatments for keloids on cotton ball apply. Another seems to develop somewhere else been dealing with keloids on his and... Manage keloids face, i did it daily it sure helped a lot of money creams. The hot compresses and tea tree oil for a few rounds of injections it... Just going crazy with them any post treatments as side effects usually keloids at. Vinegar is well absorbed into the skin and so far i have two! To rub the scar and massage it every day with it till it started growing to cleanse internally to minutes! A difference again if there ’ s the first thing in the treatment keloids! Course, you can also be used in a very large keloid across her chest, maybe times. Ensure keloid scar the newly swollen side ) the boundary of original.. Cancer fighting drug being injected and the keloid has not grown back suddenly they appeared anything,! Creams and steroid injections, surgical removal, silicon plates and gels … take enough preventative measures will! Vera is very suggested for the past before saying errr whats that huge because i had small. Of foods eaten in countries situated along the Mediterranean diet emerges from the keloids, a! Back everytime pulse dyed lasers a patanjali keloid treatment needle that was stuck in a shut time to start using type! Hope it ’ s good than mine work faster on privates because the immune system forms keloids as as.

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